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A Day on the Playset with Emily
Posted By: Kimmie
Sunday September 18, 2011 - 11:16 AM
After Maddie leaves for school each day, Emily likes to go out 'bah' to 'sing' and 'side'. The whole event is like a routine. First she likes to swing in her special pink seat for a few minutes, then she likes to slide.

After being helped up to the top, she scopes out the slide.

Then she drops whatever she's holding down the slide first and says "Uh Oh"!

Then she plops to her bottom...

...and scootches to the edge.

She rolls over to her belly...

...lays flat...

...and says "Wee!" to the bottom.

Then she teeters to her feet...

...picks up whatever she threw down the slide...

...runs over the the stairs or rock wall...

...and does it all over again!

Such a happy baby!

After she slides down a few times, she scopes out the swings again.

She pretends she's a big girl sitting on Maddie's swing.

She yells "Hi, quack quack!" to the duck in the pool...

...and just takes in the day.

Then when she decides it's time to go inside, she holds my hand and walks me up the sidewalk next to the redbud tree, stopping to pick up rocks along the way. Then tomorrow she'll do it all over again.

Nancy said:
Mon September 19, 2011
8:47 PM
Hi , your pictures of Emily are adorable!! I have been checking them out often. I certainly miss her and watching her achievements and rooting her on !! Love Nancy

Kimmie said:
Tue September 20, 2011
11:06 PM
Glad you like the pics! She definitely is a little cutie and I feel sad sometimes that I don't get to share her as much with you two anymore. I'll just have to keep bugging you to babysit! :)

Nanna said:
Sun September 25, 2011
7:37 PM
what do they say about learning from a child.. It's the simple things in life they love. I keep looking back at the pictures cause she has so much hair now!

Gram B said:
Mon September 26, 2011
4:08 AM
Boy no stars for me. I've watched Maddie's pictures over and over, the things she did as she is growing up and missed pictures of Emily. We both love them.